Project Description

ABuild – A Rated Building Services – take pride in offering practical, impartial energy saving services to all property owners. It makes sense to future-proof your home against rising energy prices by conserving heat and reducing energy demand.

Energy Upgrades

It is better to have your property independently assessed by a professional before investing in an energy efficient upgrade. Our surveys will identify the most practical approach to make your building more energy efficient.

New Builds

We offer a range of New Build services which include;

  • Assistance with Part L compliance using DEAP
  • Air barrier design and installation
  • Organising the design and installation of a suitable ventilation system
  • Airtightness testing to EN 13829
  • Preliminary and Final BER certificates

Abuild assist the construction team (Architects, Developers, Builders) to comply with the new Part L. The sooner we are involved the better, so that homeowners can avoid expensive variations during and after construction. It is now mandatory to carry out an airtightness test when constructing a new home. It is advisable to construct to a minimum airtightness level of 7m³/hr/m² at 50 Pa. We carry out accredited airtightness testing to EN 13829. We also offer advice and support in making your home airtight and can recommend the most suitable ventilation system. It is mandatory that a final BER Certificate is published before a new dwelling becomes habitable. We also produce Preliminary BER’s or DEAP calculations which Building Control now require with the Commencement Notice.

Abuild offer FREE CONSULTATION for all energy requirements. Please visit our website for more details.