Project Description

Based in Ranafast, Annagry, Co Donegal, Michael Kavanagh started a wood flooring business, MK Flooring 13 yrs ago after returning from America.

During that time he built up a client base while supplying, installing, and sanding floors. Six yrs ago he, along with a former managing director of a flooring supply company, discussed a mutual interest in Renewable Energy in the form of Biomass. Since then from that initial idea and along with his colleagues contacts, a company named Trebio was formed which is based in Canada. The company has the capacity of manufacturing 130,000 tonne of ENPLUS/A1 wood pellets per year.

Michael Says

My name is Michael Kavanagh I’m based in Ranafast in west Donegal. I have ran a successful flooring business for the last 15 years. About 8 years ago my interest changed slightly and I got involved in researching renewable energy. I particularly had a interest in biomass coming from a wood background. So from there I started to look into wood pellets & wood pellet stoves. The main structure of my business  is selling wood pellet stoves. These stoves are fantastic and all info can be found on the web site

The stoves are available in different sizes, colours and models. The two main models are thermostoves which do the central heating – hot water+ they blow hot air into the room where they are situated. These models range from 12kw to 33kw. The other model is a room heater it only blows hot air into the room and they start off at 5kw to 10kw. These stoves can save you 30% to 50% on your heating bills. All stoves are computerised and run on the same principal as an oil boiler. Therefore retro fitting is less expensive.

Some of our products:
Irina Pellet Stove
3,4-10,5 kW 300 m3
Dimensions : 522x1054x559 mm                  Net weight : 138 kg – PT 147 kg
Smoke outlet diameter : 80 mm                     Heatable : 300 m3
Nominal thermal power : 3,4-10,5 kW           Global thermal power : 3,8-12,0 kW
Efficiency : >85 %                                           Hourly consumption : 0,8-2,5 kg/h
Feed box Total capacity : ~ 21 kg                 Convection fan : Si
Remote Control : Si                                        Internal thermostat : Si
Over heating Thermostat : Si                         Foreseen for external thermostat : Si
Electric consumption : 80-100 W                   Draught : ~1 mm H2O
Con. external air aspiration pipe : 50 mm      Weekly chronothermostat : Si

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