Project Description

Davide Gallazzi (trading as North West Environmental) is an hydrogeologist and energy consultant, providing assistance to both the private sector and public authorities in a variety of projects:

  • Environmental Impact Statements for several quarries, landfills and a windfarm.
  • Hydrogeological studies and flooding risk assessment for a number of different projects throughout the country (housing developments, quarries).
  • Soil and groundwater quality assessment in relation to the decommissioning of manufacturing and chemical plants and of petrol stations.
  • Land and water quality investigation, assessment and remediation in numerous sites throughout the country.
  • Assistance to several companies applying for a Waste Permit.
  • Full site investigation and environmental monitoring in several cases of unauthorised waste dumping throughout the country.
  • Drawing of specifications, and management of Waste and IPC Licence compliance activities for a number of sites.
  • Site suitability assessment for the installation of wastewater treatment plants for single houses and for small communities.


In the energy sector, North West Environmental provides assistance in the following:

  • Renewable energy audits
  • Site suitability assessment for the installation of Wind Turbines (domestic and agricultural).
  • Feasibility studies for the installation of hydropower schemes.

From Ren Net I hope to gain contacts with contractors and other consultants to expand business, knowledge and keep pace with regulations and advances in technology. 

Contact: Davide Gallazzi
Tel: 0044 87 6159616