Project Description

Innovation and Smarter Savings Daily and Save up to 70% of Domestic & Commercial Hot Water Bills

  • Hot water all day all year
  • No immersions, electric showers, oil or gas required
  • 70% savings annually
  • 300 litre stainless steel pressurised tank with heat pump incorporated.
  • Large user friendly display for setting chance
  • 50mm insulation for low heatless
  • Secondary coil for connection to solid fuel stove etc.
  • Virtually maintenance free

Solution for a comfortable and healthy life

Coolwex heat pumps us perfected technology and are environmentally friendly and adjustable to the needs of their users.

  • Intelligent regulation – for simple and comfortable sanitary water heating system control.
  • Quiet operation – (49 dB) with a centrifugal ventilator, cools and demoisturises regardless of placement.
  • A wide temperature range – from -7°C to 43°C (extreme 200+ and extreme 300+) with compressor only.  With the help of an electric heater heat pump works up to -30°C, which is enough for even the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Attractive design and aesthetic perfection – can be placed anywhere you desire
  • Controlled air – cools and demoisturises any space
  • Bacteria prevention – automatic weekly antilegionella programme (extreme 300+ enables On/Off setting).
  • Boiler – INOX boiler (extreme 300+) and enamelled boiler (extreme 200+).  The thermal exchanger is built into the external coat of the container preventing the coolant from leaking into the sanitary water.


The vents at the top of the pump further increase efficiency of use (now also in extreme 200+).  Provide any capture of hot air and exhaust to the outside.  The new display provides an intuitive and easy management.   Function – ‘VACATION’ enables you to easily switch to economical operation for the duration of you absence.

Why Coolwex?

We at Sweeney Renewable have been working with Coolwex since 2007 and have overseen lots of installations throughout Ireland over the years, in that time we have modified the units to incorporate solid fuel systems which can further reduce costs, i.e. installed with a solid fuel stove a family of 5 running costs are €90 per year inc. VAT.  It’s incredible….each extreme comes with a metre to monitor costs and savings.  Based on a family of four, the running costs are 50 cent per day average.  The extreme provides hot water anything from 38 to 60 degrees with anti legionairs programme built in.  The units are ideal for new builds or retrofits usually take one day.  Commercial buildings can expect larger savings.

With the Coolwex extreme the home can expect piping hot water all year round without the need for expensive immersion heaters, electric showers, oil or gas.  The unit can also contribute to your dishwasher and washing machine, ruling out the usage of the electric elements within so further energy savings can be accomplished.

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